Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing

I keep waiting until something of interest happens before I update my blog and I've finally decided that that day may never come. So here is my blog about nothing. I'm really just killing time until Veronica Mars finishes taping and I can use the remote again. The TV remote is broken which is of course horrific, but I can use the VCR remote to change channels but only when nothing is taping. I realize how incredibly stupid and shallow that sounds- don't think that I don't. But you've been warned that this was about nothing. The very ,very small details of my life. So- where was I? Oh yes... my TV is incapacitated. And I am here. Writing. My life has been pretty dull lately. Work, eat, sleep... repeat. My job is OK. Not something I'd like to do long term but I don't have to. I'm doing admin for a construction company. The people I work with are mostly really nice. There are a couple of VERY grumpy ones, but they are the minority. So that's 40 hours of my week. The rest? Well, sometimes I don't know where it goes. I watch a little TV, I go for a walk every couple of days, a little cooking, very little cleaning... Ok you all know I'm lying about the TV part- I watch a lot of TV. But it's research for the future right? Right? Hopefully it will be.

I watched the second to last episode of Gilmore Girls tonight. Very sad...I love that show. But I've had 7 years with the girls and I got to visit Stars Hollow in person so I can't complain. But it's still sad. I'm glad Rory said no to Logan . I didn't like them together. I wanted her to be with Jess, but he's off saving the world from an exploding man. I realize that last part may not be making sense to anyone but me, and fellow watchers of GG and Heroes. So that's all. About that.

Lately I've been spending more of my day in traffic than usual because it's road construction season here in Calgary. And there is also a threat of a transit strike which always makes life interesting. I have several snags in my usually seamless route. But I can deal with that. Because it's been winter for a really long time here and the roads have to get fixed sometime. What I can't deal with is the other drivers. People go all nuts when traffic gets bad. No one likes sitting in their car for an extra half hour but that's no reason to act like a crazy person. And somehow it gives them license to ignore all the signs and rules of the road that previously applied. Like signaling, stopping at red lights, not blocking intersections, not driving the wrong way during lane reversal downtown(someone almost hit me this morning). The giant red X means "YOU CAN"T DRIVE IN THIS LANE!". And while I'm on the subject of driving, can anyone tell me when school zones start and end? This is a personal pet peeve of mine. Please don't take this to mean that I am for speeding in school zones- Absolutely not! But come on! It's right on the sign. 8:00am to 5:00pm. Not 7:00am to 6:30pm. Not Saturdays, or Sundays. Did you go to school on Saturday when you were a kid? Are your kids in school until 7:00 at night? NO! And all year school does not mean 24/7 school. (This is me talking to other drivers now, in case you were wondering) Anyway- that's been on my mind for a while and I feel MUCH better having said it.
So... that's a whole lot of nothing. And it's after 8:00 so I can go back to my dear friend the television. I can't wait to watch Veronica Mars- such a great show if you've never seen it. Really. So that's all. For now.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise. (Margaret Atwood)

Sometimes I think I'm getting old. Too old maybe, to still go to concerts. My legs hurt from standing in line for an hour and a half. I left a little deafer than when I arrived. I possibly could have parented some of the kids who were there. Biologically speaking. All signs that I might be too old for concerts. But the beauty of live music is that it makes me forget everything else. When the music comes pouring out of the speakers, especially in a small venue(which this was), I can't remember how long I waited in line, or how much I hate strangers touching me, or how much I don't like teenagers. I love the feeling of it completely overwhelming me. That feeling of the bass in my chest, and the floor vibrating. It's sort of intangible. Like I'm a part of it or something. Anyway I love it. Nothing beats singing at the top of my lungs with a room full of strangers to a song I know every word of. A really great song. I'm a relatively new fan of Snow Patrol but they are definitely climbing my list of new favorite bands. I recommend them highly. Especially their fourth album, Eyes Open. They are known for the song Chasing Cars of Grey's Anatomy fame... Denny's dead... sniff...sob...poor Izzy...in her prom dress..., but I digress. My new favorite song of theirs is Open Your Eyes. So good. And I can't remember the last time that I like the opening acts almost as much as the band. I usually find them unpleasantly distracting and slightly irritating. But I have to say that OK Go were quite"OK" (ha ha... yes, I know I'm lame), and Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups is my new favorite song. I think I'm going to buy Silversun's album. Really liked them a lot. So all around a great night. I felt like I'd been hit by a truck at work the next day but I'm not 15 anymore. But that's ok. I wouldn't want to be 15 again. Not that I want to be 30 either but...
So I've decided that I will never be too old for concerts. When I am 85 I may run over a few teenagers with my wheel chair, I will yell at everyone for days afterward(because I won't be able to hear), and the lights may give me a seizure but I will be at the concert of whoever happens to be playing my favorite song that week. Or possibly, I will actually die trying.

All this feels strange and untrue
And I won't waste a minute without you
My bones ache, my skin feels cold
And I'm getting so tired and so old

The anger swells in my guts
And I won't feel these slices and cuts
I want so much to open your eyes
'Cause I need you to look into mine

Tell me that you'll open your eyes [x4]

Get up, get out, get away from these liars
'Cause they don't get your soul or your fire
Take my hand, knot your fingers through mine
And we'll walk from this dark room for the last time

Every minute from this minute now
We can do what we like anywhere
I want so much to open your eyes
'Cause I need you to look into mine

Tell me that you'll open your eyes [x8]

All this feels strange and untrue
And I won't waste a minute without you

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Facebook...the obsession

I can't complain really. I was warned. I asked Pam, "What's Facebook?" and she said, "Don't start, it's just another way to waste your time." So there you have it. I did not heed that warning and now I am in need of a twelve step program. Or a pill. Something...because I can't seem to help myself. I think I have checked my email more times in the last two weeks than I have in the two years previous to that. Seriously. Thankfully I'm at a job right now where they frequently tell me to "take 5". Or unthankfully is maybe how I should put it. It's only feeding my addiction. If I had to go the whole day without checking to see if I had been tagged in a photo or it someone had written on my wall maybe I would forget about it by the time I got home. Or not.

I think my problem is that I have lost touch with so many people over the years. Facebook is this thing that can suddenly bring me back in contact with people who were once my friends. People that I just stopped talking to over time, or maybe they stopped talking to me. Which happens to everyone. But it seems to more so with me which I think says something about my character. I'm still trying to figure out what it says. That's enough over-analyzing Facebook for tonight. I think it's good. And bad. And a whole lot of fun. And I am proud to stand up and say, "My name is Krista, and I am a Facebook addict.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm In!!!

It's official– I've been accepted into SAIT for next fall. I am SO excited! And relieved. I really had no idea what I would do if I didn't get in. Keep working and try again next year I guess. But I don't have to worry about that now. Yeah!!! Like I said, SO excited. Now I just have to figure out how to pay for it. I'm going to apply for every grant and award I can find and work as much as possible between now and the end of August. I've had a couple of temp jobs in the last couple weeks. Nothing too exciting but it's work, which equals money which equals not living in a cardboard box on the street. So it's good. I'm working Monday to Wednesday this week with the possibility of longer, so hopefully that keeps up.

Yesterday was St. Paddy's Day for anyone who wasn't paying attention. My favorite day. Although this year I was less psychotic about it than I usually am(See photo). I didn't really decorate and I didn't wear all my paraphernalia– nail polish, sunglasses, hat, special nose ring, earrings,etc. I just wore my green shirt and shoes and my leprechaun socks– and some green eye shadow of course. I went to church last night though, so that was part of the reason for toning down the look. People are going to worship God– not look at the freak. I did go to Peter's Drive-in for a shamrock shake though. Mmmm... Peter's... For anyone who has never been there, you should go. So for anyone who doesn't live in Calgary I guess that gives you a reason to come visit me!!! Excellent!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And So It Begins

So this is me, Krista, blogging. Many thought they'd never see the day...myself included. But because of the constant nagging from my friends(Pam) I thought I should give it a shot. I'm just kidding of course Pam– you know I love you! Be forewarned, though, that my life is exceedingly boring. Today, for instance, the most interesting thing about my life is the fact that it has snowed 6 inches in the last 12 hours. And can I just say that while I detest snow in almost every month of the year, (December is tolerable) I particularly hate it in March. It's wet and sticky and turns instantly to that thick brown sludge that forces my tires to spin like crazy. I know it will slow the entire city to a crawl for the next 2 days and then it will melt and turn every parking lot into a giant puddle. And because I live in Calgary, the city of ever changing weather, I know this will not be my last experience with my snowy nemesis this year. So there... I've said my piece about the snow.
Other than that I've been spending my days waiting. I wait for the phone to ring about a job. (I'm temping for those of you that don't know.) And I wait for the mail to come so I can find out if I have gotten into school for next fall. I'm hoping to be accepted into the Film and Video Production program at SAIT(Southern Alberta Institute of Technology). It's a difficult program to get into and I'm not sure what my chances are. There are only 28 spots available and several hundred applicants. So we shall see I guess... and I'll keep you posted.
I wish I had more interesting things to talk about but sadly, this is my life. I would much rather be swimming in the Dead Sea, or bobbing rather because you can't swim there unless you like for your eyes to burn out of their sockets. I don't recommend it. Stick with bobbing.